About Riley Product Handling

There are no boundaries

Head of line equipment Rileys commitment to developing and producing product handling solutions is set to continue on into the future.

A team of skilled and dedicated employees work together, enabling Riley to offer the best solutions possible.

The exchange of ideas is a crucial element of our success. Our best ideas result from continual collaboration between our customers, our suppliers and ourselves. The result is innovative solutions, designed to suit your budget.

Start with a vision

No matter how unconventional, your ideas can inspire ours.

  • We can take your idea, and translate it into a solution
  • We can lead you through the development process - from concept to realisation

    We will use our considerable experience in areas such as

  • project management
  • system integration
  • risk assessment

    to develop the best solution for your application, and to your budget.

    The future

    Stainless steel vibratory tracks with overhead proximity gallery In 1977 Riley installed its first automated biscuit handling system at McVities, Tollcross, England. Today, Riley is among the worlds leading product handling solution providers.  Riley systems are in operation all around the world.

    We supply many leading food industry groups such as Arnott's Biscuits, Mondelez International, United Biscuits, Barilla, Danone, Nestle, Frito Lay, Snyders Lance, Burtons, Keebler, Vista, Bahlsen, Lotte, Pepperidge Farm, Interbake, Sargento, Shearer's, Conagra, Gullon, Ulker, Dare Foods, Jordans & Ryvita, Kroger and NBCC.

    Through our ongoing collaboration with customers and suppliers, we will continue to innovate, creating bespoke handling systems.

    Finding new solutions is Rileys business.

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