V-Belt Pressureless Accumulation Systems

Riley Product Handling installed its first patented V-Belt Accumulation system in 1992. These systems run at very low noise levels and provide pressureless accumulation for any round product.

The V-Belt was designed primarily to transport  fully enrobed or fragile products. The pressureless accumulation they provide ensures that delicate surfaces are not scuffed, or fragile products broken under pressure. The entire system is run from a single motor, hence energy consumption, as well as noise levels, are very low.

V-Belt systems can be adjustable, enabling more than one size of product to be accommodated.

The V-belt system is capable of feeding product directly into strip-off units, or slug measuring infeeds. The system controls ensure the product is vertically stacked ready to be fed into the feeder or wrapping machine.

The infeed system illustrated below incorporates five individually adjustable V-belt accumulators.