Infeed and Vibratory Equipment

Vibratory handling systems are designed to both transport and accumulate a variety of products. Biscuits, crackers and fabricated chips are transported and then presented under controlled pressure to either a cream sandwich machine, feeder, wrapping machine or tube loader. The vibratory systems ability to provide accumulation minimises the amount of product which may have to be dumped in the event of a downstream stoppage.

Very fast throughputs can be achieved by combining this inherently reliable technique with the latest developments in control and sensory technology.

Riley Product Handling infeed systems are capable of carrying as many as 20 different products - through one system. I.e., our systems are truly flexible - a necessity in this world of ever decreasing product life cycles.

Riley Product Handling is expert in the design of infeed equipment found anywhere between the fryer or oven and the wrapping machine. The systems are designed to bring under control, align, orientate, turn over and row reduce a large variety of product types, shapes and sizes.

The products illustrated below are just a small selection of those which our systems can accommodate.

As an example, an infeed system such as the one illustrated below would be used to ensure the correct number of lanes of a round product are presented to a cream sandwich machine, correctly orientated, under controlled pressure and with half the biscuits pattern up, half pattern down.

Track design and profile can provide single or multi-product system solutions.

The system above consists of:



Accelerating conveyor


Product acceleration

Air table


Row reducing / product distribution

Mini accumulating conveyor



Channelling board



Receiving conveyor


Product Pitching

Turnover board


Product turning

Metering conveyor


Product metering

Pitching conveyor


Product Pitching

Vibratory tracks


Product transportation, accumulation & presentation