Equipment Overview

Selection of infeed equipment

 Vibratory Tracks accumulation & pressure control
side & bottom rejects, lane dumping, product turning
 V-Belt Accumulating conveyors  pressureless accumulation
 Belt conveyors - straight and bends  longitudinal pitching, simple row reduction.

 Specialist belt conveyors:
- Wire mesh
- Heat resistant materials
- Moulded / special profiles
- Polycord

de-oiling / cooling
heat resistance
product control
for use under flavouring dispensers
 Channelling Boards  transverse pitching, de-nesting, lane reduction, lane multiplication, in line dumping
 Lane diversion matrices  diversion

 Air Tables

 row reduction, row multiplication, batching, blending, lane balancing
 Turnover units  presentation to cream sandwich machine/feeder-packaging
 Spreader conveyors  product presentation at the required centres

 high speed and accurate tray-loading